ECA Forms 'Gamers for Digital Rights' Group

The non-profit Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) today announced the formation of the "Gamers for Digital Rights," a new group with the goal of providing "tools and resources that will help protect the rights of video game consumers today."

The group has opened a website which allows users to join the movement. Among other information, the site offers a pre-filled form to write the FTC concerning DRM and EULA issues.

"With Gamers for Digital Rights, our goal is to educate consumers about their rights, as well as the copyright and trademark laws associated with such technologies, and then work to open a dialogue between software publishers, developers and gamers," said ECA VP Jennifer Mercurio.

The ECA has also hired Robert L. Hunter, IV ("Beau"), to head up the DRM front as the organization's Digital Rights Consultant. Which makes his official title: ECA Digital Rights Consultant and President of Global Intellectual Property Securities, Robert L. Hunter, IV, ("Beau"). In case you're keeping track.

"The importance of this issue is mounting, as we move from a packaged goods model, where we own what we buy, to a digitally-distributed model, where we may have a license for what we buy," added Mercurio. "With Beau's unique background and skill-sets, we're excited to have him on our team and are optimistic that we can tackle those challenges and work cooperatively with publishers to strike a fair balance that benefits everyone."