Wii Price Drops to $199 in North America

By Chris Faylor, Sep 23, 2009 6:59pm PDT Ending weeks of rumors and leaked retailer fliers, Nintendo today announced that it will be lowering the price of the Wii by $50, to $199, in North America this Sunday.

The price cut takes effect September 27. Competitors Sony and Microsoft have both recently dropped the prices of their consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Like many, I don't get regular use out of my Wii. In fact, the PS3 has recently surged ahead of it in the three-way console race of this generation, something that was mighty difficult to do since, before last fall, I'd only played Mega Man 9 on it.

    But I'm fine with that. When a new first-party game is released (11/15: New SMB Wii; oh yes), or a niche title is released that I want to try (MadWorld), or the rare exclusive is announced (Dead Space: Extraction), or a port of a title that looks as if it were made for the Wii controller (Resident Evil 4), or a favorite classic game on the Virtual Console (a dearth of classics, lately, but the first 2 years were golden for the VC), or I'm in need of a fun and frantic party game (Rayman; Wii Sports; an endless list, really)... my Wii is there.

    That's the way Nintendo consoles have been since the N64. It's not an ideal situation, but I love Nintendo's games and I'd never give up my Wii when I know that new Marios, Zeldas, and Metroids are on the horizon. Because when they come out, I always get my money's worth.