PSA: MAG Beta Access Guaranteed by Qore Sub

By Chris Faylor, Sep 03, 2009 3:16pm PDT In advance of today's PlayStation Store update, Sony has reminded everyone that those with an annual subscription to its online PlayStation 3 video magazine Qore are guaranteed access to the upcoming beta test for Zipper's 256-player shooter MAG.

The beta is slated to kick off September 17, with the full game due January 26, 2010.

Anyone aged 18 or older that has plunked down the $25 for an annual Qore subscription (or renewed said subscription for $20) on or before September 17 will be e-mailed a voucher code for participation, going by a post on the official PlayStation.Blog.

While Qore isn't the only way to gaining access to the MAG beta--e-mails soliciting beta applications went out to some earlier this year, and Sony has already started giving away codes in contests--an annual subscription is thus far the only guaranteed method.

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