Sony Planning PS3 Reality Show, Winner Becomes Game Tester

By Nick Breckon, Sep 03, 2009 1:04pm PDT Sony has begun casting for a new reality show series to air exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Contestants on the show will compete to earn a job as a Sony game tester. You can't make this stuff up.

Dubbed "The Tester," the show will see a group of gamers competing in "a series of elimination challenges designed to test their mental prowess, dexterity, and video game knowledge and compete to win a gamer's ultimate dream job--an official PlayStation game tester."

The series, developed by "Rock of Love" and "Flavor of Love" producer 51 Minds, will air this winter. The official website is now accepting applications.

But first, you may want to watch the follow video, and ask yourself: "Are you a gamer? Are you the BEST?"

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  • Here, let me sum it up for you:

    Shit pay

    No respect

    Expected to work endless amounts of OT even as a salary employee, your job will be in jeopardy if you miss too much OT

    Glass Ceiling 3 inches away at all times, as your seniors are all comfortable in their positions and have no care for bettering themselves. This is Cali after all...

    Shit pay, it deserves double duty

    Treated like second class citizens. in other words the lowest amount of money possible is put into you and your department. So while other departments get cool perks and such, you get jack shit and crap equipment.

    Being constantly told that you are replaceable, i love this one.

    You get to go to meetings where the CEO boasts about how much money the company is making and how happy the shareholders are, but yet when it comes to bonus time, your bonus doesn't even cover your rent increase for your crumby apartment, pathetic.

    I could go on forever....the above is just a basic bitter tester list, your mileage may vary depending on what crooks you work for.