PlayStation Motion Controller Slated for Spring 2010

Sony has revealed its expectations to the release the new PlayStation 3 Motion Control peripheral, which it claims will provide "true 1:1 tracking" and "true 3D pointing" when used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera, in the spring of 2010.

"We are slating it for spring of next year," Sony executive Kazuo Hirai told Times Online when asked about the device during GamesCom last week. "One of the things is that we just don't want to put out the controller. We need a great software that supports the controller at launch. It's something that we've been working on for the longest time."

During its GamesCom press conference, Sony showed a new trailer for the device (below), and promised that more details on the specific games that will utilize the new controller will be shared at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Rival Microsoft also plans to introduce its new motion-based controller for the Xbox 360, codenamed Project Natal, at some point in 2010, though it has yet to say exactly when.