Evening Reading

By Chris Faylor, Aug 20, 2009 6:00pm PDT

Whoops, didn't mean to leave you folks hanging there without a fresh chatty like that. My bad, sorry. I hope we can still be friends. Here, I summarized today's news for you:

Lastly, I know World of Warcraft is big business and all, but ...a magazine? Really?

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  • Exchange 2007 folks -- I've been asked to create a distribution list to which text messages can be sent, in the event of an emergency. All of the necessary individuals have mobile phone numbers associated with their mailboxes.

    How would I go about setting up a distribution list for text messaging? Each carrier requires it's own special prefix - how would I take that into account?
    Verizon: 10digitphonenumber@vtext.com
    AT&T: 10digitphonenumber@txt.att.net
    Sprint: 10digitphonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    T-Mobile: 10digitphonenumber@tmomail.net
    Nextel: 10digitphonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
    Cingular: 10digitphonenumber@cingularme.com
    Virgin Mobile: 10digitphonenumber@vmobl.com
    Alltel: 10digitphonenumber@message.alltel.com
    CellularOne: 10digitphonenumber@mobile.celloneusa.com
    Omnipoint: 10digitphonenumber@omnipointpcs.com
    Qwest: 10digitphonenumber@qwestmp.com

    The easy way to do this is to create a Mail Contact for each person's cell phone number. But AFAIK there's no way to link / associate a Mail Contact with a Mailbox, and I'd like to avoid duplicating objects, if possible.