Evening O'Reading

Since starting at Shacknews I have been threatening to flood the site with Final Fantasy stories and photographs of cats if ever left to my own devices but alas, today I managed only one of those. Your stuff:

  • You should play Retro/Grade's demo.
  • Another streaming gaming service pops up with a pilot scheme.
  • Another Call of Duty: WaW map pack on the way.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 3D screenshots are pretty fun.
  • 50% off Paradox Interactive games.

Lastly, Terrible Yellow Eyes is a blog filled with delightful art inspired by Maurice Sendak's fantastic book Where the Wild Things Are. A film adaptation of the book is of course on the way, courtesy of Spike Jonze. I'm wary. A video game adaptation of the film was announced today. I'm very wary.

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