Resident Evil 4 iPhone Due Later This Summer

By Chris Faylor, Jul 15, 2009 10:05am PDT After accidentally releasing and subsequently pulling an iPhone edition of Resident Evil 4 from the iTunes App Store, Capcom has announced that the downloadable game will be released in Japan by the end of July, with others getting it "shortly thereafter."

No price for the mobile zombie shooter has been disclosed. For a look at how the game plays, check out the footage AppBank captured while testing the leaked release:

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  • Yeah sadly Capcom didn't spend any time to streamline RE's control system for the platform.

    Stream of thoughts:

    make dropped items instantly recovered by running over them, don't make the player waste time hitting a button to pick it up... the use of a virtual control stick is oddly a very good control mechanism, I've played a few other iPhone games that use this, and it comes off very well... hey Capcom, try auto-aim sometime, it would work wonders with this system... really odd that they didn't go with an "RE on rails" system, as this game and its horror setting could actualy do quite well with it... auto aim... AUTO-AIM...