New MechWarrior Announced, Full Trailer Arrives

As was teased earlier in the week, a new MechWarrior game has been confirmed by co-creator Jordan Weisman in an interview with IGN, and a concept trailer released.

The PC and Xbox 360 game titled simply 'MechWarrior' is being developed by Piranha Games in Unreal Engine 3, in collaboration with Weisman's company Smith & Tinker.

Development began in October so many fine details have yet to be finalised, but it is confirmed to be in the "action sim" style of the previous games. Information warfare will become an important element, including launching drones to survey the battlefield.

Co-op with 1-4 players is planned, along with multiplayer modes containing elements of persistence and Call of Duty-style progression. Cross-platform play for all modes is "a large goal of ours," according to Piranha president Russ Bullock.

MechWarrior is intended to provide a reboot for the mech combat simulator series, and is focused on a family serving House Davion at the end of the Third Succession War.

A publisher is still being sought for MechWarrior, and no release date is known.