Pro vs. GI Joe Launches Military-Only Gaming Network

With the US Independence Day fast approaching, charity Pro vs. GI Joe has announced the creation of an military-only online gaming network to help troops frag each other.

Powered by the GGL Global Gaming social networking and competition platform, the Military Online Gaming program will connect enlisted gamers across the globe.

nope The MOG kicks off July 4 with a Call of Duty: World at War tournament, with prizes on offer including an ATV and the chance to play against NFL team the Atlanta Falcons.

Pro vs. GI Joe is best known for organising matches where athletes and celebrities face off online against troops, whose families attend the event to reunite over webcam.

"We created the MOG exclusively for the hundreds of thousands of military gamers around the world, to serve as a virtual connection among branches and bases, during deployments, and as a source of entertainment," said Pro vs. GI Joe founder Greg Zinone. "Our partnership with the USO allows troops to play wherever they are serving."

The MOG will begin with Xbox 360 support as it is most prevalent on bases then later spread to cover the PC and PlayStation 3, a GGL representative clarified to Shacknews.