Best Buy Tests New Used Game Kiosks

Retailer Best Buy is testing a new automated kiosk this week that will allow customers to sell used videogames and receive store credit in return.

The program, to be tested in Dallas and Austin stores initially, "allow customers to insert their used games into a kiosk that will scan it for functionality, and immediately issue a voucher that is instantly redeemable for a Best Buy gift card," according to Best Buy CMO Barry Judge.

"We'll also be testing the sale of used games in those stores, and some of the kiosks will even rent games and movies," added Judge.

Best Buy previously tested used game kiosks in 2005, but has yet to roll out a nation-wide solution.

Competitor Wal-Mart is currently testing its own used game kiosks. The machines accept used games in return for funds added to a credit card, a process that has drawn criticism due to its lengthy processing time.