Evening Faylure

By Chris Faylor, Jun 05, 2009 5:00pm PDT Well over 150 news posts later, E3 2009 has finally come to a close. And while the show's finished, that doesn't mean our coverage is. Stay tuned next week as we work through our massive stacks of notes to bring you many more previews and interviews.

Of course, we've got several promising games coming out next week as well. I'll post the full list tomorrow, but Prototype and Starfy have my eye. Hang in there, kitty!

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  • Apple Keyboard mens

    I need some help finding a good keyboard. I have an iMac and was using the wireless aluminum Apple keyboard for a while (my Apple pearl keyboard died and I sorely miss it). I'm not a big fan on how the keys feel and I miss my 10-key pad more than I thought. I recently bought a Macally icekey keyboard but it's USB which is a tough setup with my 3 ports on my iMac and I'm not really liking how the keys feel. I am using a usb hub but have other issues with it being powered/un-powered.

    Anyways I'm looking for a good keyboard that's:
    -not too expensive
    -wireless (preferably bluetooth)
    -has the 10-key pad
    -has the volume up/down and eject button on it

    Suggestions from Apple owners?