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By Nick Breckon, May 21, 2009 6:00pm PDT So who's coming back to TF2 tonight? I'm jumping on as soon as this Kojima teaser wraps itself up.


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  • Shack Video and Smarty Menz and Wimenz

    So I have a DisplayPort out on my laptop. I have a DisplayPort to HDMI converter. I have that hooked into my laptop which is hooked into my HDTV via an HDMI cable. It's awesome. My problem is that my TV (a Sony 34" CRT HDTV) is cutting about 5-10% of the picture off all the way around. So for example in Firefox I can't see the Title bar at the top or the taskbar at the bottom. The screen on the right when browsing the Shack cuts off after the P in Reply on a post. and starts on the left at the New in New Comment. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Infamous seems fun. The climbing is way better and faster than Crackdown or AssCreed or Uncharted or any platformer type game that requires climbing. This guy is agile as hell. Controls are solid and fluid. Seems like a good game overall. The only problems I saw from the demo were extremely late pop-in on objects like cars and framerate drops, especially in combat which is annoying.

    Demo is definitely worth checking out if you had fun with Crackdown. Gameplay seems similar except you have superpowers in lightning and can't jump as high, with way more mission variety and the whole good and evil aspect as well. The enemies put up more of a fight too, and some of them warp around and crap rather than stay still and shoot at you.