Second Batch of Killzone 2 DLC Coming in June

By Chris Faylor, May 20, 2009 9:41am PDT The second downloadable map pack for Guerrilla's PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter Killzone 2 will arrive in the European PlayStation Store on June 11, publisher Sony said today. The North American date was not confirmed, but is expected to be the same.
Dubbed "The Flash and Thunder Pack" and described by Sony as "the second awesome instalment" of Killzone 2 DLC, the download contains remakes of two multiplayer maps from the first Killzone game: Beach Head and Southern Hills.

No price was given. The first map pack, Steel and Titanium, sold for $5.99.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the pack will hit North America on 6/11 for $5.99.

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