First Team Fortress 2 Sniper Unlockable Revealed, Update Going Live in the 'Coming Days'

BOOM widget 80134 Update: Valve has clarified the Huntsman's attack, reiterating that it has no stun effect. Arrows merely pin players to the wall following death.

Original story: Valve today announced that the Sniper update for Team Fortress 2 is coming in the next few days, and has lifted the curtain on the first unlockable for the long-range class.

"The Huntsman" will arm the Sniper with an elegant hunting bow. The bow comes armed "with 18 arrows and a one-second charge for full power shots"--and a unique post-kill effect.

"Any experienced sniper will tell you how irritating it is when your targets keep moving around," writes Valve. "The question is how to stop these cheaters from wind-sprinting around like they own the place. And the answer is to pin them to a wall. How? With arrows!" nope According to Valve, the "one headshot from the Huntsman can mean an instant crit, in addition to a bolt-riddled corpse hanging from a wall that's gruesome and funny."

The Sniper update is set to include three unlockable weapons for the class, new head-slot items for each class, and new achievements and maps.

Valve also notes that another free weekend for the game is "coming soon."