GameFly Launches Game Answers

Online rental hub and Shacknews parent company GameFly today launched Game Answers, a question and answers site focused specifically on video games.

"Game Answers is intended help gamers quickly get answers to specific questions about the games they're playing, without spending a lot of time searching through FAQs or message boards," said GameFly co-founder Sean Spector.

Registered users can ask questions and post answers about video games in topics such as Game Walkthroughs and Hardware & Accessories.

In addition to the basic question and answer functionality of the site, users can follow other users to track their question and answer activity. A user can also post messages to anyone on the site using a Facebook-like wall area on a user's profile page.

Tthe Game Answers database comprises various games from current and previous generation consoles and handhelds, as well as online and PC games. Spector said the company plans to eventually expand the database to cover more platforms and games.

While Game Answers site is a separate product from the GameFly rental service now, Spector noted that the company is open to the possibility of integrating the Game Answers content and functionality into the GameFly site in the future.