Shack PSA: Stalin vs. Martians Pre-order Discount, Free Music Downloads Include 'Stalin Loves Disco'

In anticipation of the April 20 arrival of Stalin vs. Martians (PC)--a three-way collaboration between developers BWF, Dreamlore and N-Game--publisher Mezmer has announced that the game can now be pre-ordered from "all leading digital download portals." nope

Pre-ordering is supposed to knock 20% off the quirky strategy title's price, bringing it down to $15.99, though the only outlet I could find offering that deal is Gamersgate. The Direct2Drive listing doesn't indicate any savings, and it's not up on Steam.

In addition, songs from the game's equally bizarre soundtrack--featured in the amazing trailers--can now be downloaded from the official site for free, including smash hits "My Pocket Stalinizer," "All Hail Stalinator (90s Remix)" and "Stalin Loves Disco."