Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Apr 16, 2009 6:15am PDT Yesterday, someone--you know who you are--attempted to get the music from Super Mario Bros. 2 stuck in the heads of his or her Twitter followers. "Ever have one of those days where the Mario 2 music gets stuck in your head," they wrote. It was evil, more so when they linked a video a bit later, even more so when they asked "how about now."

But then something weird happened. Later on, when I was trying to recall the Super Mario Bros. 2 theme, I found myself humming the Bubble Bobble theme instead. Which really makes me wonder--is the Bubble Bobble music more virulent than Mario 2?

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  • What a weird two days.

    Yesterday I go into work around 5pm only to find out that I really don't have to work (I was on the schedule but not the roster ... whatever I didn't want to be there).

    Today I was supposed to work at 3:30 est, but I get a text around 2 from a girl wanted to switch in-times, so I was now going in at 5:45, awesome I was a little behind on chores anyway. Now it's 5:15 and I was about to leave when I get a call from someone else who showed up but wasn't scheduled ... and they want my shift. Fuck it, I give it to them. Surprise 2 days in a row off! (usually I only get mondays off).

    So what to do with my second unexpected night of freedom ... I spent last night playing quakelive and cs:s ... need something different tonight (that doesn't involve spending a lot money, because ... not making money just to go spend more seems kinda dumb)