'Splosion Man Is Not a Joke

Twisted Pixel Games, developers of The Maw, are today very proud to announce 'Splosion Man, a 2.5D action platformer with a terrifying eponymous hero.

We were pretty disappointed to receive the announcement for 'Splosion Man yesterday as we figured it was probably just another too-rad-to-be-true April Fools' joke. Nope.


Due on Xbox 360 as a Live Arcade download, the game offers the ability to 'splode yourself at will. "Any scientist he catches is 'sploded into chunks of ham and ribeyes, the smell of their destruction terrifying, but also a little succulent," wrote Twisted Pixel.

Packing support for up to four co-op players, either online or off, and online leaderboards, 'Splosion Man is due to arrive "shortly before the world is incinerated."