EA Reviving Syndicate

By Chris Faylor, Mar 31, 2009 3:55pm PDT Shacknews has learned that Electronic Arts is currently in the process of resurrecting Bullfrog's classic isometric sci-fi action series Syndicate.

This lends further credence to recent rumors that Riddick and The Darkness developer Starbreeze has been tasked with the project.

Starbreeze and Electronic Arts partnered last year on Project RedLime, which was teased as a revival of one of EA's "most acclaimed classic franchises." RedLime is slated to hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360--the same platforms as the new Syndicate.

Further evidence of Starbreeze's involvement comes from GamesIndustry.biz and CVG, both of which independently reported the news at different times.

At this point, it's unclear if original producer Peter Molyneux will assist with the project. It's unlikely, given that he currently heads up the Microsoft-owned Lionhead Studios, though Molyneux has expressed a desire to eventually resurrect the series.

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  • Honestly, who cares.
    Not EA nor Starbreeze has any idea what they're doing. Nobody, for 1 second, should be looking forward to this. Anyone worth anything would tell you that the key to making a good syndicate game is to simply expand on Molyneux and gang's original idea. Syndicate is about killing tons of people. Mowing them down for your own profit. Using people like guinea pigs and human shields with mind altering technology. It's about a story of the final struggle for world domination between 2 corporations and the last remaining unguided humans. It's about strategy. In 5 seconds I came up with a more intuitive RTS UI and controls for small scale combat... It's about perspectives. What is reality really? How do I know what is real? Is this my reality? And if a man frees himself from the illusions of an indoctrinator has he now observed objective reality?

    In an ideal world "Syndicate Apocalypse" is an epic science fiction, horror, psychological thriller strategy game with big robots that carry big guns and let nothing get in their way. Syndicate is a metaphor and hyperbolic example of our own reality.

    But of course it's going to be an FPS remake. Just like the XCOM FPS remake. RTS games aren't popular anymore. People are too stupid to play RTS games, right? You all want FPS, don't like to me. Don't lie, you love it.

    Kill yourselves, EA and Starbreeze, a thousand times.


    I can deal with shitty resurrections of games by unimaginative powerhouses like EA most of the time and shrug them off as nothing to do with the originals but I could not forgive a shitty remake of this game.

    Like fuck are EA going to be able to recapture the dark, gritty and mostly adult cyberpunk atmosphere of the original. Granted it is probably going to be headed by Starbreeze (of Riddick awesomes fame) and I can't think of a better developer to handle the project, save Molyneux himself.....but with EA oversight I can already feel myself cringing at this.