First Saints Row 2 DLC Revealed

BOOM widget 118733Voliton has detailed Ultor Exposed, the first of three Saints Row 2 downloadable content packs for Xbox 360 and PS3, via Eurogamer.

In the new Ultor Exposed mission arc, an Ultor microbiologist played by adult entertainment actress Tera Patrick joins the--tee hee--gang bangers of the Third Street Saints to--titter titter--expose the evil megacorporation. Which conveniently involves many explosions.

As Tera Patrick was previously featured in Saints Row 2's advertising campaign, we tentatively await news that the next DLC pack will bring Gary Busey to Stillwater.

Ultor Exposed adds four multiplayer maps--two each for the Strong Arm and Gangster Brawl modes--and six new vehicles. The new Competitive Coop mode rewards destruction with cash. Plus, you can pretty yourself up with new outfits and hairstyles.

Voliton have not announced a PC release--though the door is technically open as Saints Row 2 on PC requires Steam, which recently added support for DLC.

Ultor Exposed arrives April 16, costing 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox and $10 for PS3.