Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Mar 16, 2009 7:06am PDT Monday, already? It seems like I barely got anything accomplished this weekend.

Really, I just played an hour or two Resident Evil 5, co-created and tested a Peggle drinking game, cleaned the apartment, watched some Wire, and read a few chapters of Snow Crash. The rest of the time, I was either sleeping or doing something here.

There were also about five minutes spend on a hammock. Hammock weather, at last!

On the plus side, um, I've got another chance at the weekend here in a couple days?

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  • This is a really strange question, but your my only resource shack.

    Friend of mine is putting on a humorous exhibition called make it break it. Basically its all about coming up with ridiculous record breaking attempts in the gallery space for fun. One of my friends is drawing the worlds longest line, he's walking all round my city right now with a box of chalk trying to do this, with the end of the line leading directly in to the gallery space. I've told him theres no way of really knowing what the longest line already is, but its more about having a laugh than anything else.

    Anyway i said i'd record myself for the world longest procrastination, but when i thought about it more i realised if your trying to procrastinate, thats your actual mission, then you'd actually have to be as constructive and productive as you can in order to not achieve your goal, if you follow me. Anyway that was my idea, but its getting closer to the event now and i dont have any time to be quite that productive, and figure out a funny way to display my results.

    SO i'm asking the shack, if there was a ridiculous record you could break what would it be? I'm looking for silly but doable stuff here. This is meant to be a fun event so give me some ideas i can steal.

  • Behold the power of Peggle:

    I was busy all Sunday morning, and came back to discover that one of my non-shack XBL friends who doesn't play PC games:
    - complained that I never told him about this game (which is true)
    - had completed all of the main boards (in about 4 hrs), and
    - couldn't stop playing with me in Peg Party mode.

    (BTW, there seems to be a bug in Peg Party, in that if you all choose random characters (either via the character select or set as the game option), you all get the same character, which to some extent is fair, but I'd also like to see battles of different characters on some boards.)