Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Mar 16, 2009 7:06am PDT Monday, already? It seems like I barely got anything accomplished this weekend.

Really, I just played an hour or two Resident Evil 5, co-created and tested a Peggle drinking game, cleaned the apartment, watched some Wire, and read a few chapters of Snow Crash. The rest of the time, I was either sleeping or doing something here.

There were also about five minutes spend on a hammock. Hammock weather, at last!

On the plus side, um, I've got another chance at the weekend here in a couple days?

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  • So I finally got around to watching the full, uncut 23 minute Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart interview.

    I think Stewart could have reached down Cramer's throat at the end and ripped out his heart, and Cramer would feel like he deserved it. The whole thing was just gruesome, and when Stewart pointed a finger at him (and by proxy his entire network) and said "It's not a fucking game"... man, that was like the axe falling against the execution block. In all, the whole thing was tough to watch, and maybe more a cathartic rant against the failure of the system in general, but man Cramer took it.

    And I have to say kudos to Cramer as well, for actually showing up to what he had to know was going to be an absolutely brutal dressing down. I think I like the guy a little more now just for having the balls to actually bend over and take it.