Operation Flashpoint Creators Bohemia Protest 'Official Sequel' Claim by Codemasters

Bohemia Interactive, developers of the original Operation Flashpoint and the ArmA series of spiritual sequels, is protesting Codemasters' billing of its Operation Flashpoint sequel as an "offical" return of the series.

Bohemia developed the original military shooter Operation Flashpoint, with Codemasters publishing the game in 2001. The two companies soon parted ways over legal disputes, leading Bohemia to create the ArmA series. nope But Codemasters announced that it was developing its own Operation Flashpoint sequel in 2007, placing its sequel and Bohemia's upcoming ArmA 2 in direct competition--a situation that Bohemia is clearly upset over.

"In the license agreement, Bohemia Interactive expressly reserved the exclusive right to develop sequels to the original OFP game," said Bohemia attorney Leora Herrmann in a pointed press release issued today. "Codemasters also acknowledged that Bohemia owns all the intellectual property in the game--except the words 'Operation Flashpoint'."

"Since Codemasters has no right to use the Bohemia Interactive game engine or any other component of the Bohemia-developed game, how can it rightfully claim to produce a 'sequel'?" argues Bohemia CEO Marek Spanel.

"We can't stop Codemasters from releasing a game using the words 'Operation Flashpoint,'" added Spanel. "But it is not right to promote this game as the 'official sequel to the multi-award winning Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis' or the 'return' of Bohemia Interactive's 'genre-defining military conflict simulator.' The awards were given for the game created by Bohemia Interactive--not to a name."

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is set for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this summer. ArmA 2 is expected to be released on the PC and unspecified consoles later this year.