Call of Duty: WaW Console Patch Adds Re-lit Map

Today is the day that PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners of Call of Duty: World at War no longer feel such animosity towards their PC brethren, as now players on all three platforms can finally enjoy the re-lit daytime version of the Makin multiplayer map. nope

PC owners got the map as part of a patch earlier this month, and now the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions have been updated as well. The free map is included in the PS3 patch, but Xbox 360 owners will need to download it separately from Xbox Live.

The published PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 patch notes follow below:

  • Added support for downloadable maps - free downloadable map "Makin Day" now available to Xbox 360 & PS3.
  • Improved host migration functionality (PS3).
  • Improved geographical matchmaking (Xbox 360).
  • After Action Report now displays full post-game stats (PS3).
  • Nazi Zombies is now unlocked for solo & co-op games for EVERYONE in both private and public games!
  • Added defensive measures to prevent "Stats Reset" when corrupt data is detected.
  • Addressed issues where some solo progression data was lost when a player had collected Death Cards in a split-screen co-op game.
  • Patched all known MP map exploits - this fix will also prevent players from passing through geometry/terrain if a new hole is discovered.
  • Patched a number of Nazi Zombie exploits.
  • Addressed an issue commonly referred to as the "elevator glitch."
  • Disabled "Rocket Jumping" - this eliminates the extra boost created by all explosive weapon types.
  • Addressed some score reporting anomalies in the War and CTF leaderboards.
  • Blocked the ability of players with lower level accounts from accessing higher-level Perks.
  • Addressed an issue in Search & Destroy where bomb planting/defusing was disabled when opening the overhead map.
  • Disabled ability to get unlimited ammo when prone with a deployed bipod.
  • Addressed an issue with Bouncing Betties triggering when the player is within the detonation radius but behind a solid wall.
  • Improved squad functionality.
  • Fixed an exploit where Hardcore matches could be ended immediately by team killing.