Konami Unveils New Metal Gear Online Expansion

By Nick Breckon, Feb 18, 2009 11:36am PST Metal Gear publisher Konami today announced SCENE, the third expansion to the multiplayer shooter Metal Gear Online.

SCENE is set to include three new maps and two characters--Raiden and Vamp, the infamous super-powered masochists.

Konami notes that "all Metal Gear fans who pre-order SCENE will receive the hilarious classic 'cardboard man' head gear as a special free gift."

SCENE is hitting the PlayStation scene in March. Full details below:

    3 New Maps
  • Outer Outlet - An Industrial Wasteland, made up of buildings and underground/above ground areas. Suitable for medium to long range attacks.
  • Hazard House - An enormous three story mansion. Suitable for close to medium range combat.
  • Ravaged Riverfront - Clock Tower, made up of underground, above ground, and under water areas. Suitable for medium to long range combat.
    2 new special characters
  • Raiden and Vamp - two highly anticipated characters with extraordinary physical abilities and overwhelming offensive power.

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