Stardock Opening Second Studio, Plans New PC RPG

Helped in part by generous Michigan tax breaks, developer/publisher Stardock (Sins of a Solar Empire, Demigod) is planning a $900,000 expansion of its headquarters to accomodate development of a new PC roleplaying game.

The expansion will create some 53 jobs, pushing the company's workforce to well over 100 employees--an impressive number for the once-modest Plymouth, Michigan based studio. nope Stardock is readying to ship its collaborative effort with developer Gas Powered Games', the PC strategy title Demigod, in March of this year. The company is also hard at work on the fantasy-strategy game Elemental: War of Magic (PC), due for a February 2010 release.

The Michigan tax breaks, enacted last April to attract jobs in the entertainment sector, have mainly garnered attention from Hollywood film studios looking to cut production costs--but the breaks also apply to game development.

"We think Michigan is well placed to become a hub for technology companies thanks to new programs from the state to make Michigan more competitive to do business in," said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. "We look forward to continuing our strong growth with additional development projects over the next couple of years."