Punch-Out!! Wii Due by July, Kirby Wii Still Alive

BOOM widget 76143Tucked away within Nintendo's recent financial documents was a tentative release schedule for the next year, revealing that the forthcoming Punch-Out!! Wii will hit North America and Europe within the first half of 2009.

The schedule also reaffirms that Wii Sports Resort will hit North America within the first half of the calendar year, with Treasure's shooter Sin & Punishment 2 still due this year.

On the Nintendo DS side of things, music-centric mini-game compilation Rhythm Heaven is due in North America by July, Mario & Luigi RPG 3 is coming by the year's end, and the latest Nintendo DS hardware, the Nintendo DSi, is expected between spring and summer--a target that coincides with rumors of its launch in early April.

The listing further reveals that Kirby Wii, previously expected last year, is now expected to hit Japan this year, though there are still no screenshots or details on the project.

The rest of the North American release dates match an earlier Nintendo schedule.