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By Chris Faylor, Jan 28, 2009 5:10am PST Nick and I finally got around to beating that Resident Evil 5 demo last night. We'd played the Japanese demo a while back, but I'll admit, we got our asses kicked by the zombie horde--we couldn't beat either stage, no matter how many times we tried.

Perhaps that was because we were playing a lot of Left 4 Dead at the time and trying to stick together instead of splitting up. But hey, this time, we beat both Resident Evil 5 scenarios with ease, spending most of the stages split up instead of side-by-side.

I'm really looking forward to the final game for both single-player and co-op play, the latter being something I'm generally not that into, so hurry up already March 13. And here's hoping for a good Wednesday--I think we could all use some extra happiness.

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    Ok. Who has called XBOX Technical Support before and actually succeeded in getting to the bottom of their issues? My 360 RR'd yesterday and I filed for repair online. I chose the PRINT LABEL and send the package myself. My print label was supposed to follow in email within 24 hours. It never showed up.

    I called technical support today. After bugging the shit out the guy he finally gave me my service number and told me to log in through the website to get my label. Fine, i hangup and do this. I enter in the information and I get a "ERROR PROCESSING REPAIR REQUESt. Call Tech Support" WHAT THE FUCK...

    I call back and this time I get some kid who sounds like he's 8 yrs old and from India w/ broken english. After 30 minutes he finally understands my problem. I request that my repair get switched to that MS mails my the box via UPS instead of me packaging it myself. Apparently I can't because the service repair had already been filed? WHAT THE FUCK? Ok. I request that he emails me my label manually. He tells me the repair service request was filed TODAY (wtf? no yesterday) and that I should get it within 24 hours in my inbox. It's been 12 hours now (or...36 hours) and still nothing. Should I be pissed?

  • I decided not to go in to work today because the roads were icy, so I played me some UT2004. I played the ladder against some bots. I like the chaingun a lot, and I am starting to learn what the other weapons are. I wish the weapon noises were louder, I turned down the music and left the event noises on high and blasted my sound but the weapon firing noises still weren't all that loud. BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA!!!, that's what I want. I like the spray of blood when you kill a enemy and of course all of the flying jibs are great. I wish it was easier to tell whether I am on red team or blue. I'M ON YOUR TEAM IDIOT!!! The maps were pretty and a lot of the taunts were the same as UT '99 but with different voices. I can't tell whether I like this as much as UT '99 so far, it's good but UT '99 has some sort of addictive magic that I cannot put my finger on.

    Then I decided to come in to work anyway because I live within walking distance.