PlayStation 2 Sells 50 Million Units in North America

Eight years, three months and thirteen days after the system debuted in North America, Sony today revealed that the PlayStation 2 has sold over 50 million units in the territory, surpassing the "mid-30 million" sales of the original PlayStation.

Despite a lagging software lineup compared to more recent systems, Sony is still confident in the console, with hardware marketing director John Koller telling Gamasutra that "the PS2 is not going away anytime soon" due to its 2009-10 lineup.

The system now has over 1800 games in North America, with at least 130 of them arriving across the past year. Koller did not specify any upcoming key games, though the system will see a variety of sports games, movie tie-ins, and more Guitar Hero.

As for the system's price, Sony seems to be rather content with the existing $129.99 price point, with Koller claiming that the company is "comfortable with the current price."