Nvidia Debuts GeForce 3D Vision Glasses

BOOM widget 75484 Nvidia today released a new line of wireless shutter 3D glasses--another revival of a technology long perceived as a gimmick.

The real shocker? These things might be worth a look.

"The visual effect is more than simply cheap Hollywood-style 3D flash," writes CNET in its positive preview. "In Left 4 Dead, we had the sense of a much more immersive depth of field than you get from standard 3D games on a 2D display."

The GeForce 3D Vision glasses use battery-powered, active stereoscopic technology to create its 3D effect at 60 FPS--different from ATI's passive iZ3D pair. However, the Nvidia glasses will require a monitor or TV with a 120Hz refresh rate over dual-link DVI, adding an extra expense to the $199 price of the product.

And the drawbacks aren't only isolated to the cost.

"Nvidia has a very good active shutter stereoscopic solution with GeForce 3D Vision, but the problem is that its value is still very dependent on the application(s) the end user wants it for," writes AnandTech.

Continues Anand:

One of the best looking games was Left 4 Dead, but large outdoor environments like in Fallout 3 can degrade the experience because of the huge difference in actual depth contrasted by the lack of stereoscopic depth at extreme distances: you can only go so deep "into" or "out of" the monitor, and big worlds just aren't accommodated...

The two effects that stand out the best right now are the out of screen effects in World of Warcraft and the volumetric smoke and lighting in Left 4 Dead. In L4D, fire the pistol real fast and you can see the smoke pouring out of the barrel curl around as if it were really floating there. Properly done stereoscopic volumetric effects and out of screen effects add an incredible level of realism that can't be overstated. Combining those and removing all problems while allowing maximum image quality would really be incredible. Unfortunately there isn't anything we tested that gave us this satisfaction.

The 3D Visions should be available for online ordering today, with a retail release coming in the following days.