Stargate MMO Developers Still Unpaid 22 Days Later?

By Chris Faylor, Dec 05, 2008 9:53am PST "22 Days," reads.

The website's authenticity has yet to be confirmed, though the developer behind the PC MMO Stargate Worlds and other unannounced games has admitted that "new economic realities are forcing us to seek out additional sources of funding."

Work is progressing on Stargate Worlds, senior marketing manager Kevin Balentine told Ten Ton Hammer, though his statement did not address rumors of departures:

At Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, we have always been upfront with the media and our fans that we are a start up. Like many start ups, we face the same cash-flow issues that all pre-revenue companies face. We have maintained a core of dedicated investors, but the new economic realities are forcing us to seek out additional sources of funding and that's what we're doing.

We continue to move forward on the Stargate Worlds project. We recently completed a successful phase of closed beta testing and we will start a second phase early in 2009. We invite all of your readers to come to our site, check out our fantastic community and sign up for our beta.

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  • Guys,

    I personally know one of the investors and I have been on a complete tour of the facilities and have seen the game first hand. I was invited to use the BETA but I was never able to actually connect to a server during the specified times )-:


    A lot of the guys involved have gone to school together, most of them have previously successful ventures and they have a solid business plan with other potential sources of income from unrelated projects. The facility itself is very nice and clean, the people working there seem to know their stuff, I hate MMO's and Stargate but the game looked interesting even to me. This is an especially difficult time for a lot of business and start ups. I hope this is only a rumor and it is the first I have heard of it. Unfortunately I recently spoke with this investor (who will go unnamed) and he was not nearly as talkative about the project )-: I hope things workout sooner rather than is a very good project with a lot of potential.