Activision Says User-created Guitar Hero Songs May Be 'Newest Subscription Opportunity'

Following earlier mentions of Guitar Hero subscriptions, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick today stated that "the ability to offer these [downloadable] songs on a subscription basis may very well result in the newest subscription opportunity in our portfolio." nope

The statement, made during a financial conference call, came as Kotick was discussing songs made in GH Tunes, a music creation suite that shipped with all versions of Guitar Hero World Tour (PS2, PS3, 360, Wii) last week.

Since the game's release, over 25,000 custom songs have been made and uploaded to its online servers, with the company expecting over 100,000 by the year's end.

As for the sales of the Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit--which packs the game, a wireless guitar, wireless drums and a wired microphone--Activision claimed it was outselling competitors such as Rock Band by a "very wide margin."

The company noted that launch shipments of Guitar Hero World Tour have mostly sold through, but that more units should arrive during the holiday season.

Kotick also joked about the recent deluge of instrument controllers, claiming that, "We generally believe that every man, woman and child needs at least nine guitars."