Valve Confirms Left 4 Dead Demo Date, Early Access for Pre-orders

Valve has responded to reports yesterday that the demo for its zombie-escaping shooter Left 4 Dead (PC, 360) will arrive on November 6 for pre-order customers and November 11 for the public.

"This pre-order promotion applies to all Steam PC pre-orders and all Xbox 360 and PC pre-orders from participating retailers in North America," reads a press release from the developer. The release did not mention which retailers are participating, but it is known that GameStop is taking part.


Valve added that the demo will feature both single-player and cooperative play for up to four players, and that it will arrive on the same dates for the Xbox 360 version as the PC edition.

"The demo concludes on November 18," according to the press release, when the full game will get its retail and digitally-distributed release.