Wii Speak Channel Arrives November 16

Wii users will be able to engage in four-person online voice chat outside of games beginning November 16, Nintendo of America has revealed.

The Wii Speak Channel will be free to anyone who purchases the upcoming $30 Wii Speak microphone, which sits on top of one's television and enables voice communication for games such as Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Represented in Wii Speak by their Miis, players will be able to share photos with one another while chatting. Nintendo's official description of the Channel follows:

This channel lets up to four groups of people located in different places talk with one another at once. People who buy the Wii Speak accessory, which is a microphone that sites on top of your telebision, wil receive a ticket that lets them download this channel from the Wii Shop Channel at no extra cost. During conversations, users' Mii caricatures appear on the screen. Users also can send audio messages to a friend's Wii Message Board, or sent a photo with an audio caption.