Report: Next-Gen Wii HD Due by 2011

By Chris Faylor, Oct 01, 2008 8:26am PDT Nintendo is beginning to present its next generation hardware, dubbed Wii HD, to game developers and publishers, according to a report from What They Play.

Said to be "far more than a simple refresh of the current hardware," sources tell the site that the Wii HD is being billed as the true successor to the Wii and should launch by 2011. That fits with the predictions of key industry figures, who expect the next generation of consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, to arrive by 2012.

Along with support for high definition resolutions, the new system is expected to sport backwards compatibility and a focus on digitally distributed content. Sources also indicate that Nintendo is once again placing special emphasis on the controller.

While these may seem like the ramblings of a no-name site attempting to gain traffic, especially as Nintendo is tomorrow throwing a a press event while word of a revised DS circulates, What They Play was co-founded by former EGM editor-in-chief John Davison. A long-time industry veteran, Davison also penned the report.

Davison further notes that something major is in the works at Nintendo, as the company has more than tripled its research and development costs since the Wii launched in 2006, with the company spending $370 million on R&D in 2007.

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  • I know most people won't agree with me at all, but I don't see the next Nintendo console doing near as well. Lets face it, it's hardcore gamers like us that buy these consoles DAY 1. There is almost no good games for the wii and when you take sequels and ports out of the picture, there isn't any good games, except maybe Deweys fucking Adventure . So I won't bother waiting in line for the next console, fuck that.

    Sure, people like me are a small segment of the market, but it's people like us that have all the cool shit people come over and check out and try out our stuff first then goes and buys one because they think wii sports is fun. They would have never bought a wii if it wasn't for trying it out at our places.

    Yeah, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and trauma center were awesome... but when was the last time you turned your Wii on other than to make it stop glowing blue because of another useless update in the last year?

    You fuck over early adopters/hardcore, your missing out on word of mouth recommendations.

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    • I don't really think hardcore gamers are the driving force of the Nintendo Wii right now so they are doing pretty fine without them. On the other side, the release games, if it's another Zelda or Mario, will be driving force enough to get the Nintendo hardcore fans out and buy that system.

      Frankly it's the only system that really interests me as it offers me diversity from PC gaming, wheres the Xbox360 or PS3 offer me much of the same but little difference. When I bought the Wii I didn't expect it to become my main gaming platform, but just an addition, and so far it's doing perfectly fine. I'm playing on it every day, if it's not me my girlfriend and kids, it really isn't collecting dust.

      If the manage to make the Wii HD competitive with the rest hardware wise (which I doubt will happen), then they can pull in even more people. However there's isn't much wrong with the Wii as it is right now, it's in different market as the rest of the consoles, which try to give you the same experience as the PC did a few years back, but for a lower price, then again... obviously it isn't working out very well for Sony as they will only "upgrade" their PS3 and name it PS4 as you may have read.