Silent Hill: Homecoming May Be Toned Down for Australia

Double Helix's Silent Hill: Homecoming (PC, 360, PS3), which was refused classification in Australia last week, may get a less violent release in early 2009.

Atari, which is distributing the game in Australia, hopes to get the violence modified by publisher Konami so that it can be classified and released during Q1 2009 according to IGN.


Quoting IGN, Australia's ratings body "cited several high impact scenes in the game, mostly focusing on drilling into and severing body parts."

In a rather graphic description, "one scene in particular that was highlighted as a problem involved Alex (the main character) having a drill forced into his right eye socket, which caused a lot of blood to spray out."

Meanwhile, in North America, the drill-filled version of the newest Silent Hill ships to stores today and releases on Steam.