Gears of War 2 Director on PC, PS3

Outspoken game designer Cliff Bleszinski, currently wrapping up Epic's Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War 2, had a lot to say about the PC and PlayStation 3--namely, that they're unsuitable for the return of the gore-filled yet casual shooter.

"The person who is savvy enough to want to have a good PC, to upgrade their video card, is a person who is savvy enough to know BitTorrent, to know all the elements so they can pirate software. Therefore, high-end videogames are suffering very much on the PC," commented Bleszinski to TVG.


Once again shooting down chances of a PC version of Gears of War 2, he added, "Right now, it makes sense for us to focus on Xbox 360 for a number of reasons. Not least PCs with multiple configurations and piracy." After shooting those chances, he then curb-stomped them: "No," he said in response to a direct question about a PC port.

"Definitely not?" asked his interviewer. "No."

Meanwhile, on Videogaming247 the Gears director slammed the PlayStation 3--a part of it, anyway. "I hate the fucking controller," he said. "I'm sorry, I can't stand the PS3 controller. I love the Blu-ray player."