Metal Gear Solid Creator Has Multiple Sequel Ideas, But Wants to 'Create Something New' Instead

Metal Gear Solid creator and series director Hideo Kojima has a couple different ideas about the inevitable Metal Gear Solid 5, but he doesn't want to use any of them.

"I have three concepts for MGS5 already," he told 1up. "What would be ideal for me with MGS5, though, is that we don't do those. If the team picks one of those concepts, I have to get involved again, which I don't want to do."

Kojima has repeatedly tried to step away from his involvement with the Metal Gear Solid games. After Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2), he claimed that he was finished with the series--only to direct the recently released sequel Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3).

Instead, he hopes the Kojima Productions team will pursue one of the "many good ideas" it has come up with for the stealth-action sequel. "At that point I could really rely on them and take the step back to be the producer, which is the ideal situation," he said.

"I want to create something new, and it's difficult to explain since no one's seen it before," Kojima concluded. "I don't know if it would sell very well. I've been warming this up for a long time, and I keep thinking that I'll try this idea. But ideas always change, so I really don't know what the final outcome will be."