Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Sep 25, 2008 6:00pm PDT So uh.. I heard a rumor that some odd economy stuff is going on here in the USA. As long as Diablo 3 keeps being worked on though I imagine we'll all be ok.

As for the the videogame news around these parts:

Lastly, thanks for all the positive feedback on what we're up to with the library stat integration with news items. Maarten and I think it could really be a big step towards some pretty interesting stuff.

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  • Hey, Malazan Menz. My copy of Return of the Crimson Guard just arrived, gonna start reading it today. I'm 3/4 of the way through re-reading Memories of Ice at the moment, d'oh.

    Anyone else reading RotCG? I've heard the prose isn't that good (at least, not as good as Erikson's) but I'm hoping that like Erikson, he'll improve in time. I'm wonder where Stonewielder will fall in the timeline, if it should be read after TtH and before Dust of Dreams, or what...

    Also I've yet to read TtH. I re-read GotM and MoI to prep for it. MoI is so damned huge, nearly 1200 pages. But I'm loving it. I think I'm enjoying the books even more the second time through. The prose often confused me on the first go, but this time it is excellent. I'm also picking up so many details that reveal themselves in books 4, 5...hell, all the other books.

    I also just finished the last chapter before "Book 4" in MoI, the one that ends with Lady Envy conversing with that T'lan Imass:
    They met on that Meckros construct in Coral Bay.
    Lady Envy: 'On what continent did this battle take place?'
    Imass: 'Assail. 28,413 from one clan destroyed, 22,200 from the other. I am the last, and I did not expect to survive.'
    Lady Envy: 'Looks like your kind has finally met their match in this Jaghut Tyrant.'
    Imass: 'Not Jaghut, Lady. Human."

    I hope I get to read about Assail in RotCG...