Microsoft: Age of Empires is Safe

By Blake Ellison, Sep 10, 2008 4:15pm PDT This morning, we reported that Microsoft has emphasized its commitment to PC gaming despite its announcement that it would be closing Age of Empires creator Ensemble Studios.

Shane Kim, Microsoft VP of interactive entertainment, echoed the sentiment and went on to assure worried gamers about the future of the multi-million-selling Age of Empires strategy series. "Microsoft continues to own Age of Empires." Kim explained to Edge. "We're still super excited for the potential for the franchise. The Windows gaming world continues to evolve, and we believe in the future of that property."

Kim also elaborated on the new company that is to be created from the remains of Ensemble. The new studio will be independent and founded by the heads of Ensemble, but Kim promises "we will have an ongoing relationship with that new company" including post-release support for Ensemble's final project, Halo Wars.

Should a new Age of Empires game be on the way, it is unknown what development studio will undertake the effort.

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  • Does he really thinks he can fool anyone? Please, we've heard the "Och..PCgaming is so important to us, we'll be focusing on it now" BS for years now and instead of anything good we only see MS slowly killing it's PCgaming division. The only PCgaming project MS cared about was GFWLive, so they could rip us off, but that failed.
    Really, I understand you need to concentrate on 360, that's fine, just please don't rant how PCgaming is important to you, because it feels like you assume PCgamer are morons if you really think they will believe your nonsense