Xbox 360 Gets Price Cut

By Blake Ellison, Sep 03, 2008 2:40pm PDT The price cut tag gets a warm welcome today as Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has finally confirmed what has circulated the retail world for several weeks: the Xbox 360 will soon be cheaper.

In line with previous predictions, the new prices are as follows:

  • Xbox 360 Arcade (No Hard Drive): $199, down from $279
  • Xbox 360 Pro (60GB HDD): $299, down from $350
  • Xbox 360 Elite (120GB HDD): $399, down from $449
The price cuts are effective Friday, September 5. Meanwhile, eyes are on Sony to see if it will respond in kind. The rival console maker has denied that it will lower prices on its PlayStation 3 system this year, but hardware manufacturers often slash prices in response to competitors' cuts.

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  • Interesting move indeed ...

    I don't believe in the sucess of the ARCADE version because they are trying to attack the Wii market (wich is very different from the 360/PS3 battlefield).

    But vs the PS3, the price cut is interesting : Hardware manufacturer generates loses or poor marging by selling consoles. M$ is making money from the XBLA (huge money according to E3 declaration) and the games, not the consoles. Since the install base of PS3 is slowly catching up (20,5 millions XBOX360 vs 15 millions PS3 according to VGchartz), they are willing to attract more customer via a cheaper console and generate more marging via games and XBLA, I suppose ...

    Don't forget that the strategy of M$ is to generate sales via online content, while Sony puts hope in the adoption of the Blue-Ray media. The next move of Sony will be very interesting to see ! :)

    This is personal opinion/analysis of course...