Warhammer Online Goes Gold

By Chris Faylor, Aug 26, 2008 8:23am PDT With the September 18 launch for Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning now set in stone, publisher and studio owners Electronic Arts today announced the PC MMO has gone gold and entered the manufacturing process.

The MMO has recently become the latest subject in the industry-wide crediting controversy, as past Mythic staff members will not be recognized for their contributions.

In advance of the game's retail release, pre-order customers will gain access to an open beta beginning September 7. Until then, check out the latest CG trailer

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  • Well after playing WAR on the preview weekend, I have to say this game is very polished and plays very well and could give WOW a run for its money no prob. I could just play the Counter Strike like Public Quest/ Raids all day long alone.

    First I have to give wow big ups I love it and played it for a long time. If you love WOW you will love this game but be warned this is not a clone of WOW as most say it is. But don’t take my word try it out on Sep 7 http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/warhammeronline/ and see for your self.

    So what’s so great about WAR you ask, why would I leave WOW. This is what I got from the preview weekend:

    * Note I wrote this up in work, there will be bad English and chopped up sentences, etc, sorry. It more of a quick brain dump. *

    [very quick and dirty things I loved and are cool features]

    1. Gameplay is awesome if you like WOW in regards to pvp solo play. Yes I played AofC but honestly whatever, looking at MOB and determining either left hit, top hit or right hit is the same as a MOB that has full resistance to a spell or uber armor and cause you to use different tactics.
    2. Gameplay group play is awesome, you really rely on your fellow classes to do their part. Probably one of the coolest thing is fighting in groups with the role specific classes.
    3. Art direction and graphics are pimp. This may be the first MMO that really makes your class look totally different than the other class. Pimp design and in group play you know where everyone is which makes a huge difference.
    4. Public quest slash raids slash Counter strike. This is one of the coolest thing I have ever played. Basically you walk around and you will run into a Public Quest zone that counts down like Counter Strike and then who ever is there begins to have their actions as in healing kills etc counted for points. Mid bosses and waves on enemies will come in waves by scripted events till you kill a Hero mega boss. On the end you get loot for the top 5 people with the heist points. As well the top contributors get bonus zone points that let you buy cool gear as you work you way up three teirs. No matter what anyone in the zone get some points as long as they did something.
    5. Loot is very well done and looks awesome not matter what class. Loot feens clap your hands. They have the standard white, green, blue, purple, (?). Your character has a insane amount of slots 20+. There is Dyes for your loot to help class look unique not to mention there are trophies that are added onto you armor in different location like rabbits foot, skull, gem, horned bone etc. Loot drops are great got a bunch of greens as well there are vendors that use your status for purchasing kinda like wow for buying special loot if you did quests. Loot does have slots for modifications.
    6. Quest are awesome very wow like, talk to some one, kill certain things, find certain things.
    7. Leveling is not a grind it flows very nice, and you level at a good pace.
    8. The world is like WOW and is massive and does not load like AofC(I really hated that).
    9. Very cool mounts they look pimp.
    10. Spells look awesome and are diverse. Each class could make up to three types of their class.
    11. There are Three talent type trees that boost your current specific spells as well unlock new ones.
    12. There is crafting, I tried Alchemy which is way more than potions you can make dyes as well etc it is called Apothecary. Potion do not have recipes you make your own very fresh and cool. So I add a flask, then a mushroom that has inelegance properties, then I added a herb that gives a chance of making allot of potions, and than a stabilizer. This made 2 inelegance potions. Now you could put a herb of greater strength or another chance of making more potions for different results. Any ways you get the idea.
    13. There are also this kind of sub perfusions that add even more spells and bonuses, you had to be level 10 to use this I played all the classes and got to lvl 8 as highest so I could not try this out but is suppose to add allot of cool uniqueness to your class.
    14. Sound is very well done.
    15. Graphics are pimp, more detailed than WOW and more mature, think kids cartoon wow, and adult cartoon WAR.
    16. Interface is totally customizable you literary go in edit mode and resize and pull parts around the screen.
    17. When questing the map is awesome for the locations and the NPC are nicely done.
    18. All the interfaces for everything a very well done.

    There is allot more I could say, if anything please try it out SEP 7 open BETA the game is very well done and I thought it was the best MMO I have ever played. Hope this info helps someone and brings some gaming pimpage. Oy ya the Green skins and Chaos are the coolest races and classes I have ever played period.