Valve Bringing Team Fortress 2 Updates to Xbox 360, Being Forced to Charge Gamers

While PC gamers have enjoyed frequent and free game-expanding updates to Team Fortress 2, including new modes and maps, console players of the class-based multiplayer shooter haven't been as fortunate.

That will change later this year when developer Valve releases a comprehensive collection of the updates as downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version, marketing VP Doug Lombardi informed Kotaku.

Left, Arena Mode. Right, the Payload map Goldrush.

Though the updates were free on PC, Valve affirmed it is being forced to charge for the Xbox 360 release, which is why the studio waited until it had an abundance of content.

Pricing has yet to be determined, though Lombardi explained that the company is hoping to sell the content for as low as it can, ideally around $10. In keeping with his earlier comments, the executive was unsure if the pack will hit PlayStation 3.

Included in the collection are two new modes--Payload and Arena--along with new weapons for the Heavy, Pyro and Medic classes and a number of new maps.