GC 2008: New Diablo 3 Screenshots Promote Equality

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 20, 2008 5:58am PDT

A new set of Diablo 3 (PC) screenshots have emerged, showing male and female Barbarians and Witch Doctors in action.

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  • Blizzard has yet to make a bad game that doesn't sell well once. D1, D2, SC, WoW, and all it's expansion packs. If you think D3 won't sell like a goddess giving hand jobs then your an idiot. I'm not riding on the company's fame for good games, but it just goes to show proof that this company knows what there doing and they know how to stick behind there games. Starcraft is still being patched, so if you don't want your bright colors I go suggest you go slit your wrists till you loose enough blood so your vision starts to fade then come back and look at the screen shots.