Rumor: DS Getting Motion Control with New Tony Hawk

BOOM widget 118961Australia's Classification Board today issued a rating for Tony Hawk Motion on DS, sparking rumors that the game will pack some sort of motion control accessory for the DS.

Publisher Activision has stated that a new Tony Hawk game is due out on DS this fall, though a new console release is not due until 2009.

Earlier this year, Activision brought a game-specific peripheral to the DS with Vicarious Visions' Guitar Hero: On Tour, which set new sales records for the publisher. As with past Tony Hawk games on the DS, this fall's entry will be developed by Vicarious.

Adding further fuel to the motion-control fires is an earlier marketing leak that stated the next console Tony Hawk, said to be re-invented "from the ground up," will sport some type of "intuitive board based control scheme" that "takes your game off the couch."