Blizzard Planning More Diablo Beyond Diablo 3

Though Diablo III (PC) was only recently unveiled and has no release date at the moment, developer Blizzard already has "plans beyond" it for more Diablo titles, though it is remaining understandably quiet on the details.

"We're not saying [Diablo III] is the end of the Diablo universe, but we are trying to bring this storyline to a close," lead designer Jay Wilson explained to MTV Multiplayer. "It's not just Diablo III--we've got plans beyond." nope

Speaking of story, Wilson noted that Diablo III's will feature numerous characters from the first two titles, including Deckard 'You Have Quite a Treasure There' Cain.

"We also tried to focus a little more on bringing characters back, and not just from Diablo II but from Diablo I," he revealed. "People can expect to see characters from Diablo I, more characters from Diablo II, and characters from some of the books."

Along with a tradition of eventual sequels, Blizzard has a history of providing least one expansion for its recent PC games, including StarCraft, Diablo II, and World of Warcraft. The studio also has an unannounced MMO in the works.