Carmack: Doom 4 Multiplayer to Beat Doom 3's Modes

By Nick Breckon, Jul 31, 2008 6:51pm PDT While Doom 4 details have been light at QuakeCon 2008, id's John Carmack did announce that the FPS sequel's multiplayer mode will be more significant than the online modes found in Doom 3.

Saying the Doom 4 multiplayer experience will have a "much larger presence" than that found in the previous Doom title, the id president said that his company should have enough resources to create a satisfying online component to match the single player campaign.

"[Doom 4 multiplayer] will not be as good of a multiplayer as Quake Live is, but it should still be good, and we will intend it to be better than Doom 3 or Quake 4 multiplayer," said Carmack.

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  • For me, the multiplayer should be more in vein of the stuff people introduced to the older Dooms by modding them. Giving the possibility to play the game through cooperatively, might not work if there is a lot of "story telling". Those of you, who have played the originals through with friends - it's a total blast. Then again, you could just incorporate some cooperative levels for the multiplayer.

    For me Doom 3 felt like they were trying to figure where to head with the franchise. It wasn't that bad, but not what I expected. It had it's own eery feel, but somehow some of that "Doom magic" was gone. The closet monsters that spawn behind you -syndrome didn't help either. Also, it lacked the feel, too few monsters, too crowded and dark - honestly, it was bit dark wasn't it?

    Doom 4 should be more of the "same" - meaning what made previous Dooms good. More monsters, that a must. More fighting in the hell. No repetive scaretactics that grow old very fast. More balls to the weapondesign and audiodesign on that department. More badd-ass storytelling, it's not meant to be a X-Files type of thing - and that's okey.