DVD Market Still Trouncing Game Software Sales

Contrary to previous reports that US game sales had surpassed those of DVD movies in 2007, the Entertainment Merchants Association revealed that DVDs still hold a substantial lead over game software.

According to Kotaku, the EMA said that the data from sales tracking firm NPD showing $18.85 billion in game sales includes software, hardware, and game accessories, while DVD sales—raking in $16 billion in 2007—accounts only for DVDs.

The software portion of the $18.85 billion in total game sales amounts to roughly $8.64 billion, marking a still significant lead for DVD sales over video games.

The data does not account for game rentals, used game sales or the revenue generated by online gaming subscriptions. The NPD recently announced its intentions to track online subscription sales, discovering some $1 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2008 alone.