Gears of War 2 More Emotional Than BioShock, Explains Voice Actor

Gears of War 2 voice actor Carlos Ferro has claimed that Epic's cover-heavy sequel will be "more emotionally affecting" than 2K's narrative-driven shooter BioShock. nope
Left, Gears of War 2. Right, BioShock.

Ferro lends his voice to Dominic Santiago, the partner of main character Marcus Fenix. During the sequel, Dominic is said to be searching for his long-lost wife while continuing to battle the legions of underground monsters that threaten humanity.

"[Gears of War 2 is] going to be more emotionally affecting than Bioshock," he told Official Xbox Magazine UK, as relayed by Kotaku and Team Xbox. "Beyond it."

Detailing the human tragedies and morally-questionable experiments of a failed underwater utopia, BioShock was released on PC and Xbox 360 last August. A PlayStation 3 version is due in October.

"A lot happens," Ferro teased. The specifics of how the sequel will top BioShock's guilt-inducing Big Daddy battles and option to kill little girls remain unclear, though more information is expected before Gears of War 2 hits Xbox 360 this November.